TCM Slimming Therapy

Helps to contour target areas and detox by Flushing along Meridian channels.

A common belief in TCM is that weight gain is due to excessive “dampness” in the body. Dampness accumulates due to internal body imbalances and external environmental triggers. Internally, dampness accumulates when your digestion is compromised and your body is not able to process nutrients properly.

Our Flushing therapy works by promoting circulation along meridian channels to mobilize stagnant energy. Using special tools, handwork and premium oils, Flushing relaxes tissues and increases blood flow to restore your body’s energy or Qi flow. At the same time, it contours and slims the targeted areas for a slimmer appearance.


  • Get rid of ‘dampness’ to reduce symptoms of heaviness, skin puffiness, water retention, sluggish energy and easy weight gain
  • Contours for a slimmer appearance
  • Natural detoxification through improved lymph flow
  • Cumulative benefits on your body as it starts to rebalance itself over time

Suitable For

  • Flabby arms or “bat wings”
  • Bulges at bra line
  • Love handles
  • Cellulite on thighs and buttocks
  • Water retention or puffiness
  • People experiencing sluggishness, lethargy
  • People experiencing easy weight gain
  • Feeling fatigue, stress and disturbed sleep

How It Works

  • The purpose of Flushing is to break down fat deposits and promote circulation and lymphatic drainage to release the fats and toxins. Under normal circumstances, the toxins are released through sweat and other bodily excretion, however, sometimes toxins become trapped in your lymphatic system and your organs and stagnate. Flushing works by relaxing and opening up connective tissue all over our bodies, allowing oxygenated blood to flow into the treatment area, bringing nutrients into cells and carrying waste out of cells
  • Flushing aids in detoxification by increasing lymph flow to drain fat cells of waste and toxins that cause fat deposits, cellulite and puffiness.
  • Premium ginger is used to aid the treatment of cellulite, and is well known for reducing water renting and detoxification.