Swedish Massage

A relaxing body massage that improves your circulation and promotes relaxation through soothing your muscles.

Swedish massage is one of the most common and popular massage that focuses on relaxation and tension relief. The key feature is long gliding strokes aimed to soften the muscles in a very comfortable way.


  • Swedish massage is suitable for  people who simply require stress relief. A 2016 Study concluded that Swedish massage might be an effective treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).
  • Swedish massage improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and stimulates nerve endings. All these help increase well-being.
  • As it is a light to moderate pressure massage, suitable for those seeking a pampering massage.

How It Works

  • Swedish massage uses kneading, long gliding strokes, deep circular movements and friction to release surface tension.
  • The light-to-moderate pressure is good for relieving light muscle tension and stress, it can leave a person feeling rejuvenated.
  • A traditional Swedish massage involves the whole body. You will begin on your stomach and flip over at the halfway point. If there are areas you wish to focus on, please let the therapist know to allocate more time for that area.