Meridian Flush Therapy

Meridian Flush Therapy  is an advanced manual therapy that uses specialized grooved wooden sticks to apply pressure along meridian channels on the neck, shoulder, back, and legs. This revives energy flow along the channels and improves circulation while activating the lymphatic system at the same time. 

A plant-based essence containing Mugwort is used to enhance the therapeutic effects of this flushing therapy.


Muscle Blading Therapy

This unique treatment uses a specialised heated tool for targeted ‘blading’ along muscles and energy channels. The tool is shaped to reach stubborn knots to break up blockages and scar tissues, while the warmth softens tissues for deeper therapy. 

A Yellow Ginger Elixir is used to boost the effects of this treatment, helping to promote circulation and reduce inflammation.

Eye Bojin Treatment

Eye Bojin is a TCM based massage technique, using the buffalo horn tool to stimulate muscles and release tight tissues around the eye area. The resulting circulation helps improve appearance and provides relief.